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Dreaming of a cancer free future

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Bathurst Beaters


Bathurst on a Plate

Bathurst on a Plate was born from an idea of one woman, Noorjehan Merchant who, in the fight of her life, was full of hope and looking for a way she could make a difference in her dream of a cancer free future. 

This book features the stories and recipes shared by the 10 women who joined her to form the Bathurst Beaters and who have continued to search for HOPE in her memory, and fulfil her dream of a cancer free future. 

In purchasing this book, know that all money raised will go directly to the Cancer Council NSW for research into women’s cancers.

What's inside

amaretti biscuits


Special recipes and insights, blended with a flavour of Bathurst, from eleven women who are breast cancer fighters and survivors

Noorjehan Merchant


Stories, wisdom and lessons learnt from the experiences of the Beaters own cancer journeys

Bathurst Park


You will find interesting information about Bathurst, statistics on cancer and some details of services provided by Cancer Council NSW in the Bathurst region

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Noorjehan Merchant

06.03.1969 – 18.12.2019

In early 2019, mother, wife and cancer warrior, Noorjehan Merchant discovered that her breast cancer had recurred and metastasized. She decided that she needed to do something positive in the hope that others would not have to go through what she and her family were experiencing. 

A passionate cook with a love of the spices and traditions for the food of her native Pakistan, she had an idea to produce a cook book to raise funds for vital cancer research. Her vision was that the book would combine her love of food and cooking and be dedicated to the Bathurst community, her home for many years and where she had chosen to work and raise her family

Estimated breast cancer diagnosis in Australia in 2020
% chance of surviving more than 5 years after diagnosis
Average age of women first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020

Bathurst Beaters

Unfortunately, Noorjehan Merchant lost her battle with cancer in December 2019. She never got to hold this dream in her hand but it left the remaining 10 survivors even more determined to realise her dream and hopefully prevent others from dying in the future.

We are so grateful and humbled by the generosity, support and encouragement of Bathurst and its surrounding communities who have donated toward the design and print costs of the book. We have received donations both large and small and in all sorts of forms that we truly couldn’t have imagined when we first started. We have been especially touched by the individuals and organisations who sponsored our survivor pages for $1,000, the $250 pages and those who made anonymous donations.

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